How Does North Korea Make Its Money?


So you want to know how does North Korea make their money? Well you should be quite aware of the fact that there is a big difference between what they do and what we do.

For example, let’s say that we have some sort of a system for distributing the wealth amongst the people in the country. If the people in the country are working hard and produce some quality goods, then they can share that with all the other people in the country. However, it is not fair to take away some of the benefits from the other people so that you can have more income and so on.

This is where the government comes in to play and that is how does North Korea make its money. The government takes the excess income that the people in the country are earning, redistributes it around the country and then the people who work hard can take the extra money and use it to make things better for themselves. Therefore, we have a form of welfare state in North Korea.

Of course, this can’t last forever and the government will eventually run out of money. That is why it has come into being. This is also why North Korea has the nuclear weapons it has today.

This is why I believe that in order to understand how does North Korea make its money, you need to understand a little bit about how they have been doing things over the years. For example, if you look at the recent economic downturn, then you will see that the people in the country have been suffering a lot.

So if you think that it is easy to make money and therefore, that you can get away with stealing other people’s money, then you are wrong because the economic system in North Korea is quite complex. But, it is important to remember that North Korea is very different from our own society.

When I was a teenager I went to see a show called “American Idol” in which there were people who sang songs and they were judged on their singing abilities. You can also see how it would be quite hard to be an aspiring singer in North Korea. I am very sure that they are very hard working people who sing for a living, but are very bad at singing.

Now, let’s say that the economic situation in North Korea was the same as ours and that there was no way for you to make money through your own labour. Then you would have to go into business and make your own money. You have to earn money by doing things like getting rid of rubbish, recycling, and so on. This is how does North Korea makes its money.

North Korea has been doing this for a very long time now and they have developed a very efficient method of making money. It is called the “Commutation System” and it is one of the major reasons that their economy has improved so much.

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