Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps


Within just over a decade of their introduction, cryptocurrencies have already transformed the financial world. By providing more efficient, secure, and anonymous means to conduct transactions.

No matter your trading experience level, there are numerous apps designed to assist in managing your portfolio. Here is our selection of the top cryptocurrency applications suitable for each kind of user.


Coinbase is an accessible and user-friendly app that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrency investments such as bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin easily and seamlessly. Furthermore, it features tools designed to assist traders in making informed decisions regarding their investments.

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency apps, is an ideal option for new and experienced crypto investors alike. Its user-friendly interface enables newcomers to purchase and sell cryptocurrency easily while earning free crypto rewards along the way.

iOS and Android mobile app access allows anyone, anytime to utilize its platform – also providing newsfeed and price alerts that keep users abreast of breaking crypto news.

Coinbase employs stringent security measures to safeguard user funds, with over 98% of assets stored on cold storage and two-factor authentication used for logins. Furthermore, its servers proactively halt suspicious or dubious transactions.


Bitpanda is an established exchange, providing users with an efficient and cost-effective method of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Offering several payment methods and having earned itself a good standing in the cryptocurrency community.

Bitpanda offers traders access to over 30 cryptocurrencies for purchase or sale, including most of the top 20 by market cap. There are two trading platforms tailored specifically towards novice traders and experienced ones respectively.

Bitpanda supports multiple cryptocurrency and fiat currency offerings, as well as offering an exchange function to convert between cryptos – making this platform ideal for traders looking to diversify their portfolio.

Users should be mindful that Bitpanda withdrawal fees vary based on which cryptocurrency is being withdrawn; this is due to different networks imposing different transaction fees.


BlockFi’s mission is to combine traditional finance with blockchain. Their low-cost applications are tailored specifically to maximize clients’ crypto asset investments for maximum potential returns.

The company’s mobile app enables tech-savvy customers to easily manage their accounts, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, borrow money, and earn crypto rewards. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive support center and chatbot which provide answers via tickets.

BlockFi is unique in offering long-term crypto investors an interest-bearing account option, which could prove game-changing for long-term holding. Previously, investors would have had to decide between holding or selling — with any decision likely incurring fees, taxes and FOMO (fear of missing out). With BlockFi’s interest-bearing accounts option they no longer need to choose one option over another!

BlockFi’s Blockchain Investment Adviser Account (BIA) enables crypto investors to generate interest by depositing digital assets into an account and lending it out to institutional and corporate borrowers who pay back the interest payments with cryptocurrency of your choosing. As cryptos don’t depend on governments or any physical asset for security, this passive income-generating strategy provides long-term investors a great way to make passive returns over time.


Webull is an app with an attractive user interface and simple navigation that makes managing your portfolio on-the-go easy and monitoring your positions via watchlists, screeners and analysis tools such as Net Order Imbalance Indicator easy.

Paper trading allows you to practice trading strategies without risking real money, typically only found on premium platforms.

The app’s chief advantage lies in its no-commission trading for stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, this platform offers free OPRA market quotes as well as an impressive research library including an income program to lend out stocks. Unfortunately, its customer service falls far short with many users experiencing lengthy hold times and unresponsive support staff.

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