Why the Rich End Up Poor But the Wealthy Enjoy Life – Why Do We Have These Different Mindsets


Why do the wealthy and the successful end up poor but those of us down in the trenches of life, struggling to make ends meet, have more things to worry about? There are a number of reasons for this and they all have to do with the mind set that you have and how you view your life.

One of the reasons that wealthy people are able to live such long lives is because they are able to live their lives in a state of abundance and prosperity. This allows them to focus on the wealth of others instead of worrying about the wealth of themselves. They tend to live life in order to enjoy themselves, to achieve financial security and to create a legacy for their family. Wealthy people see life as an adventure, a journey through life where you are able to explore different aspects of your life and be challenged by it.

Wealthy people tend to be confident, happy and healthy. They know exactly what they want and they go forward and take the steps towards that goal. This doesn’t mean that they can’t think about what it would be like to have a house in New Jersey and a nice car with lots of expensive accessories in it but this is something they don’t focus too much on. What they do focus on is how good their career is, how much money they are making, what their financial status is, where they are living and what they are doing now. All of these things are a reflection on them and their personality, not their financial status.

Another reason why the wealthy end up poor but the wealthy enjoy life is that they are more focused than the average person and they are not interested in getting into the habit of complaining and being stressed out. Instead they are more focused on what they are doing right and what they are going to accomplish. You may think that if you were wealthy you would be in a better position to be positive but that simply isn’t the case. The wealthy don’t give into the negative thoughts of, “I wish I was rich”, “I wish I had money”I wish my money was here”. They are happy and successful right now and they know that.

Wealthy people are happier and healthier mentally. They are not focused on negative thoughts and they spend their days focusing on the positive. This is something that a lot of us need to do, especially in our everyday lives, when we feel sad about our life.

I’ve found that the wealthy are just more mature than most people. When I was a child I did a lot of research on the rich and I’ve realized that many of them are a bit older than my children, although my son’s age is close to theirs. I’m not saying that they are less mature but there is a maturity about them.

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